Our clients face issues that span the spectrum from accounting and taxation to strategic planning. We offer our clients a combination of “traditional” accounting services, as well as a diverse set of business and consulting skills to meet the challenges of operating in today’s demanding environment.


Our Service Capabilities


Today’s economic environment requires that tax services extend beyond the traditional return preparation functions. Tax compliance and planning are both an essential part of the services we offer to clients.

Planning the tax consequences of client decisions can effectively control tax liabilities and related issues. Proper attention to compliance issues and proper return preparation can reduce the possibility that future examinations will yield significant adjustments.

We believe our responsibility is to assist clients in planning and minimizing their tax liability, while complying to the greatest extent with the letter and intent of the law and regulations.

The Firm is progressive in its attitude toward tax matters and strives to maximize legitimate tax benefits for each client.


Timely and accurate information forms the basis of many critical decisions in today’s world. In smaller businesses and organizations, the ability to produce financial data and maintain accurate records of business transactions may be limited by the skills of internal staff, or the availability of qualified personnel in the local marketplace.

In addition to a restricted supply of qualified personnel, organizations are often faced with the task of attempting to install and maintain adequate accounting and computer systems to support their daily activities.

At CPS Group CPAs, PA, our staff is fully qualified to assist small organizations maintain proper accounting records and meet their tax filing requirements on a timely basis.


Under ideal circumstances, a client knows exactly what needs must be satisfied or what accomplishments must be achieved. But occasionally, issues or needs arise which require innovative approaches, unique business skills, or a fresh perspective.

The experience and skills of our professionals in accounting, tax research, and general business consulting, place the members of our Firm in the position of having diverse resources to assist clients in many matters that extend beyond the traditional services of a CPA firm.

Studies and analyses often yield suggestions and recommendations for action. But the hallmark of a good consultant and advisor is the practical nature of the advice rendered and the ability to help implement the advice, adapting as required to the process of change.

Our professionals have extensive experience implementing the recommendations we pose to our clients and, because of our long-term relationships, we often have the opportunity to see the results put into play.


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